The Limbé Deep Water Port

mars 13 2021

The Limbé Deep Water Port is a port under construction in Cameroon.

It should be delivered in 2018. It should be delivered in 6 months and will specialize in the transport of hydrocarbons and agricultural products. The feasibility studies are funded by the Americans. 400 billion CFA Franc is the estimated amount for construction. It is presented as a large second generation project. It is part of a public private partnership project. With the BOT operating mode: built operate transfer. It is located 20 kilometers from Douala.

The builder is a Cameroonian-Korean consortium Limbe Port Industrial Development Corporation (LIPID) and Afko3,4,5. The option of a multi-functional floating jetty is preferred. It is a cement port with the construction of a South Korean cement plant. It will bring freight freight to Nigeria.

Its vocation will be an exchange port between Nigeria and Cameroon and a bursting of traffic. Between West and Central Africa. Capable of accommodating vessels of 30 thousand tons and is estimated at US $ 35 million. The port, whose funding is estimated at US $ 602 million, will specialize in the transport of heavy products such as hydrocarbons, cement, containers and other agricultural products.

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